Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Awesome Night That Almost Happened

Like so many other people in this industry, after work all you want to do is go home and do nothing. Well, this weekend I felt like doing something!. I live only a 15min walk from Scotiabank Place, the HUGE rink where all of the NHL games are held in Ottawa. This past Saturday was supposed to be one of those "BIG Games", between the Boston Bruins and the Ottawa Senators.

I've only ever been to one live Hockey game in my life and thank goodness the Ottawa Senators won that one. This weekend, I really wanted to experience one again. The manic energy and excitement that you experience at a sporting event is so worth the $12 beer. So, I thought that this weekend would be a good time to revisit the rink. The only problem was, no tickets.

I asked a co-worker if they wanted to check out the game with me on Saturday night. Not having any tickets to a sold out game, I thought that we could chance it with a 15min walk to the rink, arrive a little after the game started to see if we could cut a deal with a scalper on some tickets. Some friends of mine who are huge hockey fans told me that sometimes scalpers will sell their tickets off cheap after the game has started to make at least some profit over unsold tickets. However, if this plan fell through, all we had to do was walk back to the car or catch a cab to a pub where we could just sit and watch the game from a bar stool.

My appreciation of the game didn't come until after I moved to Ottawa from London for College. I remember sitting in front of the tv while labeling my final animation assignment while having the playoff game on in the Background. Since I got rid of my cable years ago, I lost touch with the game; but, I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to check one out live or at a local sports bar.

Anyhow, this Saturday I was super excited that I might actually be able to see a game live again. When I asked my friend if that sounded like a good plan the initial answer was, "I have to walk?". My heart sank a little. Then when I asked later if they wanted to come they said, "well, I'm not really into hockey, I don't really follow it", "It's cold out", and "we should do something else together".

It was like I was asking my friend if they wanted to go see Disney on ice. I should have just gone on my own. But, I didn't and drew this instead.

It was the awesome night that almost happened and the Bruins won. Ugh.