Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wizard of Oz Adaptation Animatic

Here it is, the Animatic.  Or as we say in Canada, the Leica. 

  After receiving a Storyboard Revisionist test from a studio in Burbank, CA (no, not the one you are thinking of), I realized how differently we do things in Canada.  It's a real eye opener when I can tell you that even though to the average Canadian animation professional my storyboard seems to have "too many panels/poses", but, I can tell you - It doesn't.  This really is the way things are done down in the US (maybe minus any directional arrows and run cycles I put in mine) - If not MORE extensively.  They way the studios down there are using Toon Boom Storyboard PRO is teaching me more than a few things about the potential of this software.  It's almost like they are to Canada with Storyboards how we are to the United States with digital animation.  I feel the way we animate up here in Canada is very complex and many studios really push the limits of what Toon Boom Harmony can do.   

  All I have to say is, "Thank goodness I know Harmony".  If I didn't know that software, there would be a much boarder learning curve on this Storyboard PRO software.  Although, it would be nice to have someone around to ask simple questions sometimes, especially when the tutorials are of little help.

  Oh, and the other nice piece of news - I begin Storyboard Revisions at the last studio I worked for next week. 

   Take that Unemployment!.