Friday, September 14, 2012

Updates from Oz...

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I know I was talking a while back about doing Wizard of Oz Storyboard MacFarlane style.  Truth is, I began it while working on the last season of "Wild Kratt's".  Unfortunately for me, due to a miscommunication, I lost 95% of the work and had to start at Scene One all over again.  Finally, after a couple of weeks coming into the studio, (Yes, the studio has said that I am more than welcome to come in while I am laid off work and work on my own thing using their software and computers.  In fact, everyone who worked at the studio is welcome to do the same.  Just letting all of you know). I've finally regained everything that I've lost, and then some.  I thought I would share some of the work in progress with you.  However, my update will remain conservative, with all of the bare bones, bad perspective, and overall dirty laundry hanging out. 

"To Oz?".....

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